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At Stellar IT Solutions, we provide our Managed IT Service clients with 24/7 expert technical support, proactive monitoring, scheduled maintenance, and system management for a fixed monthly fee. Our managed service clients receive UNLIMITED proactive IT support on all managed devices, as well as complete network monitoring, business-grade anti-virus, backups, patch management, email security and more! Our goal is to optimize your business with proven technology solutions that will help to save you time, money, and employee productivity.

Stellar IT Solutions | Proactive Managed IT Services in Miami, FL

What are Managed IT Services?

Every business uses technology as a means to compete in their field and maximize efficiency. Businesses rely on networks and IT more than ever, and the funds needed to maintain an in-house team keep rising. For many small businesses, this often means sacrificing the quantity or quality of network maintenance efforts to conserve limited resources.

Managed IT Services are a way to outsource maintenance and repairs to experts. A top-notch managed services provider (MSP) performs multiple functions for your company, such as:

24/7 Proactive Support


Network Management


Network Security


Routine Maintenance




These services take the pressure off your employees who may be filling in as IT, allowing them to focus on their daily tasks with better efficiency and focus.​ 

Why Should I Consider Managed IT Services?

Break-fix services ruled the market for decades. When businesses experienced a problem with their server, they would call up an IT expert and try to explain the issue. If they were lucky, a solution could be found quickly. If they were not, they would be caught up in costly repairs and downtime. This type of reactive service is known as the break-fix approach.

On the other hand, managed IT services provide constant and consistent monitoring of your systems with the goal of preventing failures wherever possible. With remote monitoring, your managed service provider monitors the health of your systems and will be alerted in real-time to any issues experienced on your network. And with our predictable fixed monthly fees, managing and maintaining your IT budget is a whole lot easier.


The pros and cons of managed services make it clear that partnering with an MSP like Stellar IT Solutions is the best way to simplify your IT management affordably.

Why Managed IT Services Makes Business Sense

Listed here are the top financial and business benefits that every client receives when they sign up for Stellar IT's Managed IT Services.

On-Site and Remote IT Support from Certified Experts

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Real-Time Alerting

Computer, Server, Network, Backup, and Email Management

Computer, Server, and Data Protection

Network and Cybersecurity Essentials

Routine Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Predictable Fixed Monthly Costs

Preventive Approach Reduces Costs and Downtime

If you would like to learn more about our Managed IT Services, simply click the link below to schedule your FREE Tech Assessment.