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At Stellar IT Solutions, we provide businesses with comprehensive Managed IT Services and Expert IT Support to help optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition. Our Managed IT Services take a proactive approach to IT infrastructure management, with 24/7 monitoring and expert support to ensure uninterrupted system performance. Our  Expert IT Support team is readily available to troubleshoot and resolve any issues, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your business. With Stellar IT Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your IT needs are taken care of, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business. To learn more about how our Managed IT Services and Expert IT Support can benefit your business, contact us today.

Stellar IT Solutions Managed IT Services

Our Proactive Managed IT Services will help you take the next big step in running a better business. Our services include unlimited on-site and remote support, plus around-the-clock monitoring and protection for a fixed monthly fee.

By outsourcing your IT with Stellar IT Solutions, your business gains a team of highly knowledgeable and certified IT experts who will support all your technology needs. 

We will provide your business and its employees with the expert support and proactive protection you deserve so you can focus more on your business and less on technology. 

And if your business requires extra security, our Cybersecurity Team will be happy to accommodate.

Stellar IT Solutions Co-Managed IT Services


Our Co-Managed IT Services enable those who have in-house IT staff to supplement their resources with our team of certified and professional experts. 


Comprehensive IT management is rarely a one-man job, and managing the complexity of all the technology that runs your business is a lot to expect from one employee.


Our Co-Managed IT Services blends the convenience and strategic framework of an internal IT manager with the support and comprehensive knowledge of a Managed IT Service Provider. 

Co-Managed IT Services will also maximize your IT staff by allowing your IT person to accomplish more with fewer staff members at a cost below regular Managed IT Service contracts.

Stellar IT Solutions IT Support Services

Our IT Support Services are the best in its class, and our ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and efficiently helps to keep your IT costs down. 

The Stellar IT Helpdesk is available 24/7 to resolve all your technical issues, and our average response time of less than 5 minutes means you'll never have to wait hours for someone to call you back.

Our team of engineers are experts in their fields, and our extensive experience in supporting business technology allows us to remediate some of the toughest problems quickly and efficiently. 

We also know how important it is for your business to never lose service, which is why we will never perform any work that would cause your service to go down during business hours.

​Stellar IT Solutions | Expert IT Services in Miami, FL

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